• The application of electrical wiring terminals in life


    The new terminal block product line adds a new type of two-pole plug. After the product function is expanded, it can support additional cable access angles on standard 3.5mm and 3.81mm vertical and ri...

  • Factors to consider when choosing wiring harness terminals


    Although the name "power terminal" does not sound pretty, many companies believe that it plays an important role in product appearance and user affinity. Power terminal blocks are convenient for field...

  • Torque control of power terminal


    The use of terminal blocks in different industries is very extensive, but because there is no accurate regulation in the use of terminals, there are many cases of product damage due to the violent use...

  • Causes and detection of faults in power cabinet wiring terminals


    The plastic insulating material and conductive parts of the terminal are directly related to the quality of the terminal, and they respectively determine the insulating and conductive properties of th...

  • The main points of power and electrical wiring terminals


    The application of power terminals in electronic equipment has become a trend, and the power terminal devices themselves are gradually increasing and can carry power. As the size of the terminal block...

  • The function of plug-in terminal and common problems


    The function of the plug-in terminal: The plug-in terminal series adopts the easy-to-operate pluggable connection and the firm and universal screw method to combine, and various parts are connected. T...


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