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  • Insulated ends will become the mainstream


    Nowadays, it is a popular trend in the market to add insulating terminals to electronic equipment. There are more and more insulating terminals in the market, and the scope of application is also more...

  • Analysis of the advantages of nylon ends


    What are the advantages of nylon ends? What role will its advantages play in actual use? If you want to know these, then the following is an introduction to you so that you can have a new understandin...

  • The role of insulating ends


    Do you know what kind of role the insulating terminal plays in many devices? If you don't know the function of the insulated end, it is best to understand this will make it more convenient for you to ...

  • Insulated terminals are what we often call cold-pressed terminals


    Cold-pressed terminals are mainly components of electronic devices. In the case of wiring, wire knots and terminals must be applied, mainly the method of riveting, which will be applied to special too...

  • Material selection and structure design of terminal blocks


    In the field of electrical equipment, the wiring terminal belongs to a key component and has a very critical function. When the general engineering project professional and technical personnel carry o...

  • Anti-interference cold end


    The cold-pressed terminal is a kind of hardware terminal. After the cold-pressed terminal is added, it is so elegant, and it is punched out in a special mold, and there is a domineering side leakage, ...


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