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KF testing center has international advanced high and low temperature humidity and heat test box, spectrometer, optical projector, voltage resistance detector, temperature rise detection device, hardness detector and other professional equipment. The testing range covers key testing links from raw materials to finished products, and product quality control ranks the forefront of the industry.


Mainly testing environmental protection RoHS, copper content, coating thickness.



Withstand voltage tester
Mainly check the insulation performance of insulation materials.



Temperature rise detection device
Mainly detect static temperature rise and circulating current temperature rise.



Solderless terminals And connectors




High and low temperature damp heat test chamber

Mainly simulate different experimental environments



Hardness tester

Mainly test the hardness of raw materials



Optical projector

Mainly for the mapping of molds and products in small sizes


Cold pressed terminal and connector




Drawing force gauge

Mainly detect the tension value of the end and the fixing degree of the insulator



Multimeter / Ammeter

Multimeter / Ammeter



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