• Judgment method for wire insulation aging


    Judgment method for wire insulation aging Wire line aging refers to the aging of the wire insulation layer and loss of insulation function. The aging of the insulation layer will cause leakage. The ag...

  • What is the main function of the quick connector?


    What is the main function of the quick connector? The plastic insulating material and conductive parts of the wire terminal are directly related to the quality of the terminal, and they respectively d...

  • India wins US anti-dumping case on steel threaded rod


    WASHINGTON, AUG 7: An independent US quasi-judicial federal agency has ruled against imposing any anti-dumping duty against certain categories of steel threaded rod from India. The ruling by United St...

  • The 5G era leads the transformation of the communications industry


    At present, China has begun to enter the 5G era, and officially issued 5G licenses on June 6, 2019, marking that China has entered the first year of commercial 5G. With the rapid development of 5G com...

  • Global Exhibition


    In order to improve corporate image, intensify publication to create a good environment for the running and development of our company and show the scale and strength of our company, bettering the ext...

  • Industry adjustments are on schedule and do not change the long-term bullish 5G market


    Since the beginning of this week, the improvement of the macro and policy has made the index fluctuations more stable, and the acceleration of 5G infrastructure has been continuously raised by high-le...


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