Industry adjustments are on schedule and do not change the long-term bullish 5G market


Since the beginning of this week, the improvement of th […]

Since the beginning of this week, the improvement of the macro and policy has made the index fluctuations more stable, and the acceleration of 5G infrastructure has been continuously raised by high-level officials. The resulting boom in the industry chain is expected to be more and more recognized by the market, but this does not mean that The communications sector will continue to strengthen, and adjustments are also necessary. In particular, the current quarterly report is released. Affected by the macro aspect, most companies in the industry are in a downward trend in the first quarter. Therefore, the current trend adjustment is also necessary. On the one hand, adjustment can effectively reduce the high valuation of the industry The pressure, on the other hand, also laid down enough space for the industry in the second and third quarters. On the fundamentals of the industry, operators are accelerating 5G centralized procurement, and provinces have proposed plans to build 5G base stations


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