Control of softness and hardness of electrical power terminals and precautions for use in winter


In the terminal block industry, the product standards o […]

In the terminal block industry, the product standards of each series and each specification are different. However, among thousands of products, customers have different requirements for them. Let's look at one of them. Item, how to control the hardness of the terminal?
However, some customers require products with high hardness in terms of product requirements, but they cannot be broken or stuck in use. Then we can use a treatment method, that is, place it in a certain temperature and humidity environment, let it soften slowly, and take it out after meeting the requirements, then it is easy to achieve the degree of softness and hardness specified by the customer without using it. When there are various product defects and the product cannot be used normally or even the product is broken.
There are a wide variety of rail-type terminals with different styles. Let's take a look at the specific specifications and what they do:
Common voltage terminal UK series. This is a series commonly used in the market, and is often used in distribution boxes, distribution cabinets and high-voltage cabinets.
Double-layer terminal block series, mainly used for circuit connection in small space.

Fusing type fuse terminal series is mainly used to control the current load in the circuit and protect the electrical appliances from cutting off the power supply.
Ground terminal series, used to connect the ground wire to prevent leakage accident.
Marking terminal series, used together with other series of terminals, the function is to mark and prompt.
In winter, the temperature changes rapidly, and the temperature difference between day and night is large. In response to this situation, we need to pay attention to the following matters in the use of terminals:
First of all, during installation, we should pay attention not to be too tight when the card is in place. It is also possible to loosen it a little under appropriate circumstances, so that when the temperature rises, if the material is heated and expands, there will be no cracking or cracking. situation happens.
The second is to pay attention to the need for a little more length in the reservation of the guide rail. Space needed for expansion in hot weather.
The last is the use of the fixing parts, the fixing screws should not be screwed too tightly, which will cause the fixing parts to not have enough space to expand when heated, which will cause the fixing parts to crack, which will affect the normal use of the entire system and device.


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