The place where the terminal line of the terminal is prone to problems


The terminal manufacturer introduced that the tightness […]

The terminal manufacturer introduced that the tightness of the terminal wire in the plug-in wire is one of the reasons that affect the working quality of the terminal wire. For example, some terminal wires have very good wire quality, but due to the poor quality of the terminals, the terminal mouth And when the eyes are plugged into the other end, it will be easy to detach. Therefore, when purchasing similar wires, you must pay attention to the quality of the terminal line. Otherwise, the difference in one detail will affect one line. Work, of course, is not worth the loss.
Secondly, a high-quality terminal cable is not only a guarantee for the normal operation of the equipment, but also a guarantee for the equipment to work for a long time? Even if the wire does not have any problems, it will be eliminated because of the inferior quality of the terminal. A good company is not because It is more important to produce high-quality products and high-quality service levels, so that there will be no problems that cannot be solved because of product problems. Therefore, in the production and testing of terminal lines, we can pay more attention to the requirements of each link.

For the terminal line inspection process, a company’s quality control department is also a key role, playing a leading and supervising role in the company’s production, and every member is a part of the company, so regarding the long-term production, It also requires the cooperation of each department and team, which can help to gain control over some subtle issues.
  What is the clamping mechanism of the terminal line?
   The principle and method of marking terminal lines with alphanumeric symbols, and the two end points of a single element are represented by two consecutive numbers.
 The middle terminals of a single element are represented by numbers in a naturally increasing number sequence. The same component group is prefixed with a letter before the number, such as the letters U1, V1, W1, etc. that mark the three-phase AC system.
   If there is no need to distinguish between phases, the numbers 1.1, 2.1, 3.1 can be used to sign. Groups of similar components.
   The terminal line is a mark of the electrical wiring terminal connected to a specific wire. The clamping mechanism of the terminal is a mechanism that generates pressure between the wire and the conductive strip. Only by generating enough pressure can a low contact resistance be ensured and a good connection can be formed. Therefore, the reliability of the clamping mechanism directly affects the wire connection Good or bad.
   For screw-type terminals, screws, copper posts and pressure plates are important components of the compression mechanism; for non-threaded terminals, springs or spring cards are important components of the compression mechanism.
The terminal wire is non-threaded terminal. The pressing mechanism is mainly a spring, so the selection of the spring is very important. It is necessary to ensure that there is sufficient contact pressure and to ensure that the wire is not excessively damaged. Spring terminals are currently relatively reliable non-threaded terminals. .
When entering the wire, you can press the spring with a push block or a screwdriver. After entering the wire, loosen the spring, use the spring's return force to tightly press the wire to generate sufficient contact pressure, and then use the blade of the spring to choke the wire. Make it not loose or artificially pulled out.


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