Cold-pressed terminals:​Types of cable terminals​


The cold-pressed terminal manufacturer tells you that t […]

The cold-pressed terminal manufacturer tells you that the current cable terminal connection methods generally have the following types (female): bolt connection with copper nose; open plug-in connection; closed plug-in connection. Among them, the copper-nose bolt connection is the most common, especially the high-current connection; the open plug-in connection, and the low-current connection is more; the closed plug-in connection is more used for the male connector and the non-metal connection. .
The typical processing methods for the cable terminal (male) are: use the copper nose of the bolt; use the pin-type plug-in copper nose; the flat (imitation busbar) plug-in copper nose; use the round tube cold pressing method; do not use the splice fittings Direct connection with tin; direct connection without any treatment to the terminal.

Obviously, the pin-type fittings are only used in the small current secondary circuit, and the round tube cold pressed into a flat shape (imitated busbar) is rarely used, so the current focus problem is that the male connector is a multi-strand copper core wire Direct connection without any processing.


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