​The reason for the deterioration of the insulation performance of the cold-pressed terminal


When the cold-pressed terminal has bad contact, it is b […]

When the cold-pressed terminal has bad contact, it is basically because there is pressure in the external cable, and the touch part is very good in structure and its function is relatively stable. If the structure of the touch part is unreasonable and the mold is not very stable, it is certain that the performance of the insulating part in the cold-pressed terminal will deteriorate, which will eventually lead to poor touch.
Cold-pressed terminals are joints on wires, cables or electrical equipment that are subject to low temperature restrictions. It is an accessory product used to complete electrical connection. You should fully understand the cold-pressed terminal to be operated and understand its operation method to ensure accurate operation; color code or symbol should be used for cold-pressed terminals that do not have misoperation prevention Be marked, or whether the appropriate type corresponds before the connection, and ensure accurate positioning when connecting to each other.
If it is an insulating part with good insulation performance, it can ensure the placement of the touch part and ensure that the touch part and the shell are insulated from each other. Many small cold-pressed terminals with relatively high density, because the insulating parts are not very good, Many metal parts are damaged. If harmful gases appear in the body, there will be conductive channels on the surface of the membrane, and severe poor insulation will eventually appear. These phenomena are inevitable.
If the installation of solid insulation is not very good, then basically it will not have any insulation effect. Before, solid insulation can protect the touch parts, and lock the positioning of the device. If it is fixed If it is not very good, there will be an instantaneous power failure, and if it is serious, it will cause the entire product to be directly damaged.
In cold-pressed terminals, contact force is one of the basic elements. If there is not enough contact pressure, no matter how good the conductive material is, it will not help. Because, if the contact force is too low, there will be displacement between the wire and the conductive sheet, resulting in oxidation pollution, increasing the contact resistance and causing overheating.


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