Electric power tangential terminal-like structure


1. Favorable pressure-reduction tangent terminal-requir […]

1. Favorable pressure-reduction tangent terminal-required localization device, tangent-terminal use process, general society production, large-scale contact pressure, conductor-type contact pressure force, standard GB2099 sum GB16915 At the time of the torque screw, the non-meeting trigger terminal is the main body of the pine tree.

2. Screw-type terminal, deterministic factor for the ability to self-screw, general terminal screw self-screw principle, "chain principle". At the time of screwing, the indirect action of the screwing force, the leading line, the action of the chain, the self-promoting self-promotion, the self-promoting use of the self-propelled friction force, the self-leading line, the actual self-leading line. On the guideline.

3. Inconsistent screw diameter Yes Inconsistent torque request, M3 torque line screw, Request 80N inconsistent torque Disagreement Opposite terminal production destructive action.

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