Structural characteristics of copper terminal blocks


Nowadays, copper terminals have gradually developed the […]

Nowadays, copper terminals have gradually developed their own brand effect, and they have become an important component in the electronics industry. They are an important part of some products. We must not know much about copper terminals. The following Let me explain to you the structural characteristics of copper terminals.

In the design of the structure, the copper terminals pay more attention to the two characteristics of convenient wiring and firm connection. The copper terminals and other terminals can be compatible with each other, which greatly improves the flexibility. Secondly, the connection is relatively firm and the connection is very good. Convenient, simple and strong, no follow-up maintenance is required.

The copper terminal block is produced by using the RTB connection technology of the existing track terminal block, and the electronic components are installed on it to form a copper terminal block. The copper terminal block is very good to isolate the control unit from each sensor and actuator. It forms an automatic interference-free, and can also be used in a variety of different places, adapting to a variety of different voltage and power ranges.

Of course, the contact area of ​​the copper terminal is also very wide, so the contact pressure is very large, and it has relatively good shock resistance and anti-loosening performance. In addition, the copper terminal is very convenient and simple to use. The insulation performance is also very good, and the service life is very good. It is also relatively long, so it is widely used in the field of automation.


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