The close relationship between terminals and connectors


We know that Non-Insulated Terminals are part of a conn […]

We know that Non-Insulated Terminals are part of a connector apparatus, but there is a big difference in the marketing model between terminals and connectors. Connector practitioners mainly appear as traders. However, most terminals appear in the manufacturer's case. This indicates that the connectors and terminals have different levels.
The production technical requirements of terminal block products are high, and the testing environment is harsh, and many enterprises cannot meet the production and monitoring requirements of products. Many major connector manufacturers have global operating networks, so connector practitioners can spend their time brokering trades, earning commissions and fees, without having to invest too much technical capital.

As for terminals, the technology required is slightly lower than for connectors. However, due to the vast market of terminals, terminals appear in the situation of manufacturers, so terminals are not inferior to connectors in the market.
Terminal blocks and connectors have their own industry development rules.
The sales management mode of the terminal block is mainly the enterprise production equipment manufacturer, the connector processing technology manufacturer/connector trade manufacturer - the connector terminal service customer, and the connector sales business mode is mainly through the connector trader - the connector manufacturer/ Connector Merchant - to the connector terminal fulfillment customer.
Whether it is a terminal or a connector, there are mutual industry rules. Only continuous innovation and careful service can permanently stand at the top of the terminal or connector market.


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