The diversified development of terminal blocks is the key to the development of the industry


The terminal block is an important accessory product of […]

The terminal block is an important accessory product of the industrial control system. It is installed in the circuit board to realize electrical connection and signal transmission. Rail-type terminals are mainly used to realize the safe operation of elevator control systems, terminals, and relay equipment. The future market development of this industry will benefit from the transformation of large and medium-sized projects; high-current terminal blocks will be more used in automation control systems, and their future development will Benefit from the "equipment upgrade" of the manufacturing industry.

Because the market is extremely attractive and its potential capacity is considerable, it is constantly attracting new players in the industry to enter. The existing market has formed a certain scale and its development has matured. Future resource plunder and market warfare will be inevitable. Therefore, to promote the innovation of terminal technology, the stability of product quality will be improved, coupled with the advantages of my country's service and price, the competitiveness of domestic connector manufacturers will become stronger.

In the long run, the terminal market will be fully competitive, and the high-performance field is still in the early stage of import substitution. If companies can participate in market competition, they will enjoy excess profits. At present, the threshold of the high-performance terminal industry is mainly technology and accumulated stable operation experience. In the future, downstream demand will place higher requirements on corporate marketing capabilities and customer relationships. For companies that are gradually developing from the general-purpose market to the high-performance field, the transformation of their product structure will bring them an increase in profitability and total profits, and find new growth points.

The high-end terminal market is still dominated by foreign-funded products. At present, the number of domestic-funded enterprises participating in the competition is small, the share is low, and the core products of the control layer and the executive layer are concentrated in the production of terminal blocks. The future development trend will be towards providing comprehensive solutions. The change in profit model and import substitution will become the main reason for industry leaders to maintain high growth rates for a period of time. Lower prices, stable product quality and after-sales service closer to users have become the core competitive advantages of domestic enterprises facing multinational companies.


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