What are the characteristics of the high current terminal block


The terminal block is an electronic component used for […]

The terminal block is an electronic component used for circuit connection. It is mainly composed of three parts: a shell, an insulator and a contact body. Different use requirements, for the design, material and other aspects of this electronic component All have different characteristics. The quality of the product mainly depends on the design, material selection and processing technology. When choosing, we must pay attention to distinguishing carefully, especially when it needs to be applied to high current.
The high-current terminal block is usually composed of an insulating base, a partition and a wire. The insulating base is composed of a whole body, and the terminal is seated on the insulating base and placed in the insulating partition. A plurality of rows of bumps protrude on both sides of the surface of the wire clamp on the electrical component, and a positioning circle protrudes at both ends of the lower surface of the conductive sheet and is connected with a U-shaped support frame. From the perspective of today's technology, the high-current terminal block can flexibly combine the number of splicing terminal units, the connection is firm and reliable, and the installation and maintenance are simple and convenient.

Generally speaking, the high-current terminal block uses PA66 material, which does not contain halogen. Once burned, it will not produce corrosive acid rain vapors. This material also has good resistance to adverse weather conditions. It will provide oxygen and other biological elements to microorganisms. Therefore, the high-current terminal block will not reduce the performance due to the presence of termites, anaerobic bacteria, and fungi. What's more, this material has good resistance to common detergents such as grease, alcohol, and carbon tetrachloride.

  In order to meet the demanding requirements of large currents, this kind of terminal block needs to be made of materials and special designs, the purpose is to maintain its durability, and can better deal with long-term large currents without being damaged. Such products are usually used very strictly and inferior materials are not recommended.

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