What are the factors that affect the quality of metal stamping parts


There will be various problems in the manufacturing pro […]

There will be various problems in the manufacturing process of metal stamping parts Cord End Terminals. What are the factors that affect the quality of metal stamping parts?

1. Design defects of flanging forming molds

The mold is shared by one-mold double-cavity left/right parts. Since the content of this process is not only flanging, but also the content of shape forming. In addition, the parts are complex and the curved surface is narrow. Mold structure conditions The forming stroke is large and the pressing area is small. When designing the initial mold, the designers only considered the feature of the small binder surface, but ignored the forming and sliding stroke of the binder core.

The following design flaws exist:

(1) The guide length of the pressing core is designed to be 125mm, and the actual guide length is 115mm. Although it is within the design range, there is a 115mm movement of the lifting part exceeding the guide length of 10mm, and the holding of the pressing core is unstable and the positioning of the parts is not accurate. ills.

(2) For a forming height of up to 115mm, a guide plate needs to be designed. It cannot be guided by the sliding fit between the machined surface and the side wall of the die. The frictional force increases due to the side slope, and the self-lubricating effect cannot be obtained from the side force. Mass production Afterwards, the guide gap will increase due to long-term wear, and the normal guide effect of the mold will be lost in advance, which will lead to vicious quality accidents.

2. There is an error between the mold processing parts and the drawing design

This part is the area clearly marked in the drawing to be processed to guide. However, due to the complex profile of the die core, the guide surface is machined after casting is used, resulting in a gap error after the machined surface and the die guide surface are slip-fitted. During the normal operation of the die, the die core left/ Swing right.


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