Why does the cold-pressed end have poor insulation?


If we do not know much about Cord End Terminals or term […]

If we do not know much about Cord End Terminals or terminals, and in the process of enterprise use, the insulation performance of the terminals is getting worse and worse, then for our country, we should learn how to effectively Can this kind of student problem be analyzed and solved? Let’s explain the factors that cause the terminal to deteriorate in insulation performance for everyone’s key research knowledge!

If there is any poor contact between the cold pressed terminals or between the terminals, it is basically due to the high voltage of the external cables, as the touch elements are relatively well constructed and also of the stable type, but when the construction is unreasonable and the mold is unstable.
Therefore, the insulation performance of the cold-pressed terminal will inevitably deteriorate, and the same factor will also deteriorate the insulation performance of the terminal, which will directly lead to or affect the normal use, resulting in serious damage to the device, poor contact and other faults.
Cold-pressed terminals with poor insulation should never be used directly. They must be inspected and repaired before they can be put into service again because the contacts and housing are insulated. If the structure of the contact piece and the housing is unreasonable, there will definitely be defects during use.
Because the insulating parts are on the surface or metal objects with many problems in the internal management of the enterprise, if harmful gases are diluted or directly adsorbed on the surface, then the use of cold-pressed terminals or wiring terminals will be developed. It has a very important danger, and even more serious is that it will cause damage to the components and cause students to have poor social contact.
If the cold solid in the insulation of the terminal is not good, there will be no insulation effect, and before the insulation, it will basically lose its effect, and it is used for positioning and locking. If it is still lacking, it will affect the normal use of the terminal.


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